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FoodBeacon is an AI/ML based foodtech company that brings safety, automated compliance, and tracking through new solutions using IoT. FoodBeacon was created out of a need for low-cost alert systems that can identify when holding temperatures for hot and cold sections fail. The Company continues to develop new foodtech solutions for tracking and compliance, and improved customer experiences.

The Problem

Prior to FoodBeacon, there was no low cost IoT solution that would allow food establishments to automate the measurement of hot and cold stations. Without FoodBeacon, Managers and employees are responsible for measuring food temperature multiple times daily, but this process is prone to error.

The failures from this manual process are numerous and are evident during health inspections. According to the Washington DC Department of Health, foodborne illness causes nearly 750,000 hospitalizations in the United States per year. According to the FDA, Food Code 2017, pathogenic bacteria grows when food temperatures are not properly maintained.

  • Hot foods must be maintained at 135° F or above while held in the open
  • Cold foods musts be maintained at 41° F or below while held in the open

    In Montgomery County, Maryland, the Food Inspector released an eye-opening report for 2020.

  • 36% of all health inspection violations were a result of improper cold holding temperatures
  • 12% of all health inspection violations were a result improper hot holding temperatures

    The types of food establishments that failed these inspections include:
  • Cafes
  • Buffets
  • Dining halls
  • Fast casual establishments (Subway, Chipotle, etc.)
  • Fast food establishments
  • Food trucks
  • Grocery stores
  • Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

  • The Solution

    FoodBeacon not only measures and records your food temperatures at the intervals you create, but it also alerts you when there is a problem. You can receive this alert on your phone through the FoodBeacon app with a push notification.

    Food Beacon

    The FoodBeacon dashboard allows store owners and managers to take a look at the larger picture by providing a complete view of all analytics, which includes recorded temperatures, alerts, failures, and battery voltage. For owners with multiple food establishments, you can easily navigate for a quick view of each through the app or website.

    The Benefits

  • No more manual monitoring of open food temperatures (Reduced labor)
  • A more trustworthy source of temperature measurement (Easy compliance)
  • Owners can manage all locations in one dashboard (Reduce Reputation Risk)
  • Nominal license fee, device provided, and installation included (Low cost)
  • Never have to worry about noncompliance or open food illness related to temperature failures (Comfort to consumers)

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    Madhu Siddalingaiah

    Madhu has over 30 years of inter-disciplinary experience applying great technology for many different organizations, such as FINRA, Apple, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Food and Drug Administration, and the US Department of Defense.

    Over the years, Madhu has developed numerous innovative products and solutions at startups and established companies. Examples include: Machine Learning systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Big Data systems, mobile medical applications, as well as enterprise applications and specialized hardware. Madhu holds US and EU patents. Madhu has authored multiple books and training courses. Madhu has presented papers at technology conferences all over the world, including London, Munich, Sydney, and many US locations.