Stellar Idea Labs - Great Event


greatEvent is a patent pending platform that allows hotels and venues, service providers, and consumers the ability to collaborate and book a complete event online.


  • For the first time, consumers can now search and book hotel and venue meeting rooms online
  • Collaborative communication tool allows all stakeholders to communicate as a team and individually
  • Replaces legacy systems, which drastically improves efficiencies by reducing administrative tasks
  • Lead generation for hotels, venues, and service providers

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    Stellar Idea Labs - Food Beacon


    FoodBeacon is a patent pending tracking and alert system that monitors FDA recommended hot and cold food holding temperatures for all food establishments. FoodBeacon is our disruptive FoodTech Company that provides solutions in the following areas:

    Food Safety through temperature monitoring
    Food establishments – We currently have a patent pending tracking and alert system that monitors FDA recommended hot and cold food holding temperatures at all food establishments. Our solution is to automate food temperature monitoring through affordable technologies that meet FDA food safety standards.
    Supply chain resilience - Monitor temperatures throughout the supply chain from source to destination. This helps to assess the potential risk and take appropriate action.

    Quality Control
    Food establishments - Food Consistency and Theft Prevention: Enhance food quality through the monitoring of food preparation and integration with the Point of Sales system for order and payment verification (currently in development)

    Enhanced Customer Experience using Proximity Beacon
    Food establishments - Bluetooth enabled beacon technology that observes customer behavior to provide feedback analytics which will provide a unique customer experience.


  • Wireless, Internet of Things (IoT) device that automates recording of food temperatures
  • Low-cost monitoring system for food establishments
  • Provides alerts by SMS or email to stakeholders when temperatures fail to maintain the required thresholds
  • Potential to drive new minimum standards in food safety Stellar Idea Labs
    Stellar Idea Labs - Trial Bridge

    Stellar TrialBridge

    Stellar TrialBridge is a proprietary clinical trial SaaS platform that for the first time provides anomaly detection to clinical trial stakeholders.


  • Rule-based engine that automates the process for developing and registering protocols
  • Anomaly detection using AI/ML to identify positive or negative results at the earlier stages of trials
  • Detects clinical misconduct, deliberate fabrication, falsification of data, and human error
  • Centralizes data in a collaborate platform for the research community

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    Stellar Idea Labs - SOAP

    Stellar SOAP

    Stellar SOAP (Substance Overdose & Addiction Prevention) is a surveillance system that uses proven AI algorithms to identify current and future patients that are likely to develop Substance Abuse Disorder.


  • Uses probabilistic models and machine learning/deep learning algorithms to generate a probability score
  • Assists in making more informed decisions related to drug dosage
  • Opportunity to treat at-risk patients with craving-suppression medication
  • Deploy surveillance tools at the state level to provide consolidated analytics

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    Stellar Idea Labs - Package Sumo


    PackageSumo helps ecommerce companies grow sales and increase conversion through an ROI focused, data-driven approach.


  • Website Optimization – Hypothesis generation, A/B testing, and site implementation
  • Email Marketing – Automated email flows, high converting marketing campaigns, and A/B testing
  • Marketplaces – access the largest ecommerce audiences, provides ad management, and store setup
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) - Attract new customers on Google, Facebook, and Bing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – On-site, white-hat SEO services, key phrase research, and meta tag adjustments

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    Stellar Idea Labs - Stellar Engage

    Stellar Engage

    Stellar Engage is an AI driven contact center solution independently managed to meet the unique needs of an enterprise.


  • Built on top of a scalable cloud-based service
  • Incorporates data security while managing and analyzing customer information to enhance decision making
  • Business intelligence module that provides a range of detailed analytics (derived from nature language processing
  • Analytics enables our clients to take proactive, corrective actions to resolve customer issues and increase and organization’s profitability

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    Stellar Idea Labs - Change Tomorrow


    An integrated dashboard that includes social media analytics, trends, and insights. Through its proprietary tool, Stellar Engage, ChangeTomorrow offers an efficient and robust phone banking service

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